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Economy Indoor (3x2)

Economy - Indoor

Our economy 3x2 tapered hot tub cover is the perfect choice for indoor hot tubs.

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Standard, Moderate Climate (4x2)

Standard - Moderate Climate

The standard size 4x2 tapered hot tub cover is perfect for regions with moderate temperatures.

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Standard, Colder Climate (5x3)

Standard - Colder Climate

The 5x3 tapered standard hot tub cover has more of a slope and taper for colder climates.

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Deluxe, Snowy Climate (6x4)

Deluxe - Snowy Climate

The deluxe 6x4 tapered hot tub cover has more slope/taper and is made for heavy snowfall.

*Includes Free Shipping!

Best Prices & Free Shipping on Hot Tub Covers!

We proudly offer hot tub covers that are designed specifically for Canadian & U.S. climates and are built to last longer and perform better than any other hot tub or spa cover on the market.

We manufacture covers for ALL brand name spas and hot tubs. If you need assistance, contact us or call 1-800-905-8214!

Fast Free Shipping

Fast Free Shipping

Awesome Warranty

Awesome Warranty

Superior Quality

Superior Quality

5 Stars

"I received the cover far faster than I thought I would and it is beautiful. Everything lined up and works perfectly. I'll definitely recommend Blue Ribbon Covers toanyone who asks me where to buy a great cover. Thanks again!"

Jeff W. from Bowmanville, Ontario

5 Stars

"I just received my hot tub cover and I just wanted to say again how happy I am with your prompt, hassle free amazing service. The lid fits perfectly and looks amazing. I have many friends with tubs and they always look to me for advise on service and are now at the top of the list for replacement hot tub covers."

Paul O. from Mississauga, Ontario

Five Amazing Reasons to Purchase From
Blue Ribbon Covers

Blue Ribbon Covers has been in the business of covering outdoor products for more than
20 years.

  1. We offer a choice of twelve colours of high quality vinyl fabric.
  2. We offer Free Shipping on your orders!
  3. We ship directly to your home at no extra charge!
  4. Our covers are designed to last longer and perform better than any other hot tub covers available.
Five Amazing Reasons to Purchase From Blue Ribbon Covers

Customize Your Hot Tub Cover in Minutes

Order your new or replacement hot tub cover in four easy steps! Simply select the type of foam core that suits your geographic location, choose the colour of vinyl material, and select the shape of your hot tub or spa and enter your measurements for a custom made hot tub cover just for you.

1. Select Foam Core

The most important choice for your spa or hot tub cover is the selection of the foam core. The foam core determines the cover thickness, strength, R-value (a measure of thermal resistance and insulation value), and the slope of the cover to allow for water run-off and superior strength.

How do you measure the slope and taper? How do you measure the slope and taper? When measuring the slope/taper of a hot tub cover, you must look at the center fold of the cover. All of our covers start out thicker at the fold and slope/taper towards the handles. The standard colder climate covers will measure 5” thick at the fold and taper down to 3” at the handle. This allows for water run-off in the spring and fall and for greater strength when the snow starts to accumulate on the cover.

Select Foam Core

2. Choose Vinyl Colour

Select from a wide variety of colour options from our standard 27 oz. marine grade vinyl!

Choose Vinyl Type & Cover

3. Pick Shape, Add Measurements

Select the shape that best resembles your hot tub or spa shape, and then enter specific measurements to describe the exact dimensions of your cover needs.

If you need help measuring for your new spa cover, use these instructions to guide you.

Our covers are custom made to ensure proper fit, so if you need assistance, please give us a call toll-free M-F, 9-5 EST: (800) 905-8214

Pick Shape, Add Measurements

Customize your hot tub cover in 3 easy steps

Ordering your new hot tub cover has never been easier! But don't worry. If you get stuck or need help, the Blue Ribbon Covers staff is on standby to answer questions or assist with cover size or measurement details.

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Beautiful, quality craftsmanship, and custom built from scratch. Ordering your new hot tub cover is quick and easy. And we're here to help along the way (if you need it)!