Step 1: Foam Core Selection

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This determines the thickness and price of your cover

The most important choice for your spa or hot tub cover is the selection of the foam core. The foam core determines the cover thickness, strength, r-value (measure of thermal resistance and insulation value), and the slope of the cover to allow for water run-off.

  Core Types R-Value (?) Slope/Taper Price
Economy Indoor Use ONLY Hot Tub Cover or Spa Cover R-12 3x2 in. $ 289.00
Standard - Moderate Climate Hot Tub Cover or Spa Cover R-15 4x2 in. $ 299.00
Standard - Colder Climate Hot Tub Cover or Spa Cover R-19 5x3 in. $ 319.00
Deluxe - Snowy Climate Hot Tub Cover or Spa Cover R-28 6x4 in. $ 369.00
All of our outdoor spa covers come with a minimum 2 inches of taper. Through all of our years of manufacturing hot tub covers, we have found that 1 inch of taper is simply not enough of a difference to allow for proper drainage of water off the top of the cover. This leads to water pooling on the top which could cause your foam core to crack or break. For this reason, we have eliminated our 4x3 and 5x4 tapered covers.

NOTE: All prices are in U.S. Dollars