By Cheryl,

It is time to get your spa ready for the great spring and summer nights coming our way. Remember to check over your hot tub cover for any damages caused by the harsh winter weather. Look for any tears in the vinyl, make sure you give the hot tub cover a good cleaning – inside and out. If it looks like you need a new cover, now is the time to order before the busy season arrives. Please check out our new colours for this year. Happy Hot Watering.

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Now that Winter has Arrived!

By Cheryl,

With the colder temperatures come the inevitable SNOW and ICE.

Remember to clear the snow off your hot tub cover every chance you get. Keeping the spa cover clear of snow will help it last longer and make it much easier to remove the hot tub cover when you are ready to climb into the hot water of your spa for some well deserved R & R. Be sure to use a soft broom to remove the snow from the hot tub cover. Using hard brooms or sharp edged shovels could cause rips and tears in the vinyl of the spa cover. If you have ice on the top of your hot tub cover, do not try and chip it off the spa top. You can pour some warm water on the icy sections. This will loosen the bond it has to the vinyl and make it easier to for that soft broom to sweep it off.

How thick should my cover be?

By Cheryl,

Spa covers come in different thicknesses. They are also tapered so that water and melting snow can run off of them. When a hot tub cover is specified as a 4 to 2 taper it means that the centre of the cover near the fold is 4” thick. The foam will taper down to 2” at the edge of the spa cover. The 4 to 2 taper foam is usually a “starter” spa cover and is best suited for indoors or warmer climates.


The 5 to 3 tapered foam is for hot tub covers that are in moderate to cold climates where the hot tub cover has to work a little harder at keeping the heat in the spa. This hot tub cover will also have to be stronger to hold the snow loads that could cover the spa cover.


The 6 to 4 tapered spa cover is designed for use in very cold and snowy areas. This spa cover will have the most insulation quality and strength of all 3 sized hot tub covers. It is also the heaviest weight spa cover of the group.


While we are on the subject of weight, the other option with tub covers is the foam density. The standard hot tub cover uses 1 pound density foam. If you were to upgrade the density of your hot tub cover to 2 pound foam you would increase its strength, insulation value and also increase its ability to not absorb water. Since the foam particles are packed closer together there is less room for water.

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Winter is Coming. Is your Hot Tub Cover Covered?

By Cheryl,

Winter is going to be here before you know it and our Protective Spa cover Cap can help save your new hot tub cover from the ravages of a rough winter. The protective spa cover cap is designed to fit snugly over your hot tub cover. We make them in 2 sizes so you can pick the size that best fits your spa cover. The strong elastic bands on the bottom of it keep it firmly in place over your hot tub cover but still make it easy to remove when you need to remove the spa cover to enjoy a relaxing winter soak.

It will help protect the hot tub cover from ice, debris and snow. The protective spa cover is designed for winter use only. It should not be used in the summer because too much heat can build up and damage your hot tub cover.  It can be used in conjunction with our floating thermal blanket to keep your hot tub cover working to save you lots of energy dollars by keeping the heat inside your spa cover.

How to make your spa cover more efficient!

By Cheryl,


By adding a thermal insulating blanket, you can save money and also help make your hot tub cover last longer. Hot tubs that have a floating thermal blanket and a hot tub cover will be more energy efficient. The spa cover will also last longer. This is because the thermal blanket is made to float on the water and it blocks the steam from rising. This means that the heat is held in and the steam that can carry chemicals to the underside of the spa cover won’t reach the hot tub cover nearly as often. You won’t need to fill your hot tub as often and you will have less ice forming on the spa cover in the winter.


Another option that helps a lot is to add a full steam stopper to your hot tub cover.  It will help to insulate the centre seam of your spa cover. The centre seam is the area of your hot tub cover with the least amount of insulation when a full steam stopper is not installed on the spa cover.


These two simple items will enhance the insulation qualities of your hot tub cover and more than pay for themselves by increasing the efficiency of your spa cover.

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Why you need a lifter for your hot tub cover!

By Cheryl,

The use of a spa cover lifter will greatly enhance your hot tub experience. It will eliminate the problem of storing your hot tub cover while you are in the hot tub. Also eliminating the need for you to drag your spa cover around, a cover lifter will help the hot tub cover last much longer. Some spa cover lifter models also help increase your privacy as well.


Here are some benefits of the 3 hot tub cover lifters that we offer.


The Cover Valet has dual gas lift springs that greatly reduce the weight of the hot tub cover while you raise and lower it. It is also equipped with a safety locking system to make sure it stays up until it is time to close the hot tub cover. It is our best spa cover lifter.


The Cover RX lifter mounts under the spa so there are no holes to drill into your spa. When in use, your hot tub cover is fully supported by The Cover RX so there is no unwanted strain on the centre seam of the spa cover. It will work with almost any size and shape hot tub cover on the market.


The Cover Rock-It also mounts under your spa and is simple to use. Simply fold the hot tub cover over the centre bar and lift the spa cover off of the spa. It will tuck down next to the hot tub and not block your view.

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The Growth of Mildew in Spa Covers and Hot Tub Covers!

By Cheryl,

Vinyl protectant’s have ingredients designed to protect your hot tub cover from the sun’s rays so that your spa cover will look great for many years. But beneath the vinyl, when conditions are right, mildew can appear on, or inside, spa covers.

The underside of the hot tub cover is made to withstand the harsh chemical environment it is exposed to but should be removed weekly from the spa to allow it to dry. It is also important to keep the hot tub water balanced, and, with proper sanitizer levels. These two things will inhibit growth of mildew on your spa cover. You should also leave the hot tub cover off the spa for a minimum of 30 minutes after you add chemicals to the spa to allow them to circulate through the water.

Most hot tub owners use their hot tub a few times a week which allows the underside of the spa cover to be exposed to air. If you do not use your tub as often, make sure to open the spa cover up at least twice a week and allow the hot tub cover, as well as the water, to breathe.

There is nothing organic in the spa cover to grow mildew, so if mildew does appear it is due to improper chemical levels or not airing out the hot tub cover enough. If you do get mildew, try swabbing the area with a vinegar/water solution leaving it off the spa to air out for a day.

In extreme cases, you should unzip the hot tub cover to allow cleaning inside of the fabric and of the foam core applying the vinegar/water solution internally. Stand the spa cover in an upside-down “V” shape on a warm and dry day to allow it to dry off.

With simple care and maintenance, you can further extend the life of your new hot tub cover.

Hot Tub Covers Little Helper !

By Cheryl,

Okay, so you have your hot tub all set up with its brand new Blue Ribbon Spa Cover sitting nicely in the back yard. The weather man is predicting high winds over night for your area. Will your spa cover still be there in the morning after the storm? Our straps are pretty darn strong but, if you want some extra insurance to protect your hot tub cover, order a wind strap or two from our accessory area. Wind straps are designed to offer additional hold down power in high wind areas. They are adjustable and mount to the side of the hot tub. Most folks won’t need them but having them will make you sleep better knowing your hot tub cover will stay put on you hot tub.

Putting a Lid on Your Investment: Hot Tub Covers

By Cheryl,


The backyard oasis you have created is almost complete. You have invested time and money on getting the hot tub into a perfect setting. Now, it is time to protect that investment. Get the best hot tub cover to help protect your spa.


The spa cover is one of the most important necessities of a hot tub. The hot tub cover seals the deal.

  • As heat rises from the spa water, the spa cover insulates against heat loss, which, without a hot tub cover, would incur additional electrical costs for any spa owner.
  • Dirt, leaves and other debris can’t get into the hot tub water as long as the cover is in place protecting you hot tub.
  • The top of the hot tub is protected from damage resulting from extreme weather conditions and tree limbs or branches. The hot tub cover skirt prevents the spa’s acrylic edge from being exposed to harmful sunlight and UV rays.
  • Children, pets and unwanted animals are inhibited from accessing the hot tub when not in use. All of Blue Ribbon’s spa covers are manufactured with 4 standard locking straps and our hot tub covers meet the safety requirements of ASTM F-1346-91.

Important Facts about Blue Ribbon’s Hot Tub Covers

Here at Blue Ribbon Covers, we have developed strict specifications for our spa and hot tub covers. We have specific requirements for foam densities, vapour barrier density, vinyl weight, c-channel support, stitching, thread, handle material, zipper material along with a variety of other requirements. Our inspection process involving all these standards will assure that each customer is getting one of the best hot tub covers in the industry built specifically for them.


What consumers should know

Hot Tub Covers need to be cared for just as any other outdoor product. Keeping your vinyl clean and conditioned will help to extend the life of your cover. When cleaning you spa cover, please use a high quality cleaner and conditioner that is NOT petroleum based. Hot tub covers are exposed to air pollutants, UV rays, acid rain and bird droppings which can be harsh on the vinyl. Failure to care for your spa cover properly can prematurely age the cover.




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Indications You May Need a New Hot Tub Cover

By Cheryl,

The insulation value (R-value) of your spa cover is the BIGGEST factor in reducing your hot tub’s heating costs. Remember, the biggest contributor to R-value are the foam cores of the hot tub cover.


Let’s start with a quick hot tub cover check up.

Is the spa cover vinyl torn? Is the material brittle or cracking?Does your hot tub cover smell bad? Does it take 2 or more people to move the cover? If your answer was ‘yes’ to any of these questions, it may be time to start shopping for a replacement hot tub cover.


Let’s take a look at the above questions in a little more detail.

1.Let’s start with the hot tub cover’s outer vinyl.

Vinyl breakdown affects heat retention, appearance, and safety of the spa cover. It also affects the cleanliness of your spa water. Torn or cracked vinyl can’t be easily repaired especially if the rip/tear is large. If the vinyl on your hot tub cover is dry and brittle, no repair is possible. It is time to get yourself a new cover for your hot tub.

You should be cleaning the top of you hot tub lid at least once per month. A soft brush, a mild dish soap or saddle soap, and some water is all that is required to keep your spa cover looking and working great.

2.Take a look at the Straps, Locks and Handles on you spa cover.

Torn straps, ripped handles and broken locks affect the safety of your hot tub. Check carefully the condition of the locks and straps. If either of these are not working properly, they should be repaired or replaced. We do offer replacement parts and options if this is the only thing wrong with your hot tub cover.

3.The Foam Cores – the backbone of your hot tub cover.

If your spa cover is sagging, it is a good indicator that the foam is cracked or broken. This would create gaps in the seal created between the spa and the spa lid. You should replace the cover as soon as possible.

If water puddles develop on the top of your tub cover, this can indicate broken or bowed foam cores. You can do a closer inspection by opening the zipper on your cover and sliding the inserts out of the vinyl. If the foam is not broken, re-insert the core with the bow facing in the opposite direction (flip it so the top side is now the down side). This may help you prolong the life of the cover.

If your hot tub cover feels like it weighs 300 pounds, this is a sure sign the foam cores have absorbed water. The foam cores in your hot tub cover can not be dried out. Once the water is inside the foam, there is nothing you can do to remove it. You will need to purchase a new lid.

4.Oooooh that smell.

If your hot tub cover smells musty, mouldy or if it just plain stinks, there is no solution. No cleaner or deodorizer will get rid of that smell. It is time for a new spa cover.


Don’t let an old, broken or stinky cover ruin your hot tub experience and cost you wasted dollars in extra heating costs. Call us at Blue Ribbon Covers (800)905-8214 or email me, if you have any questions. We would love to help you enjoy your hot tub cover.


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